Student ID Cards

Updated for Fall 2022... every replacement card printed from now on, will have the national suicide prevention contact information on it...

After students go to 'Picture Day' at school, Geskus, the photography company,
provides them with a Free ID (whether the package is bought or not).

For replacement cards, the McIninch Library at Central High School takes photographs for and
prints Student Identification Cards at no cost, in the library.

Central student IDs can  be used for getting food in the cafeteria, for attending Central events, for proving age, etc. Every student coming in as a Freshman at the beginning of the year, or transferring in during the school year, is entitled to one free ID card.  When the photography company comes in to take all student and faculty pictures, everyone is provided a free ID card from picture day.

At Central High School, students may use computers, print, and check out books even if they do not have their Central Student ID Card with them. The Destiny Library Manager is linked to the Aspen Student Information System.  With this partnership, the student's photograph is shown when he or she is checking out books.  This authenticates the student, so the use of the ID card is optional in the McIninch Library at Central High School