Three trial databases from Ebsco

posted May 5, 2020, 7:20 AM by Central Library   [ updated May 5, 2020, 7:21 AM ]
 We are receiving free, trial access to some Ebsco databases,  Here are 3 to try, for free, until the end of this school year.

Biography Reference Center provides thousands of reliable full-text biographies, including the complete full text of Biography Today and Biography, plus narrative biographies not available in other databases. In addition to keyword search, users can locate biographies by subject occupation, nationality, activity, gender, lifespan and more.


Poetry & Short Story Reference Center provides reliable research information on poems, short stories and the people who write them.  Available through the library website, Poetry & Short Story Reference Center contains a historically rich collection of hundreds of thousands of classic and contemporary poems, as well as short stories, biographies and authoritative essays on such topics as poetic forms, movements and techniques,uid&custid=s9747828&groupid=main&profile=slrc

Referencia Latina Interface is a full-text Spanish-language database covering a broad array of subjects inside and outside academia. It offers content from a variety of sources, including reference books, general interest magazines and health reports.