"Teens' Healthy Choices" Videos

posted Oct 13, 2020, 5:35 AM by Central Library   [ updated Oct 13, 2020, 5:49 AM ]
Teens' Healthy Choices

New Videos have been added to the "Teens' Healthy Choices" Series in our Master Curriculum Collection video database.

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Current videos in the Teens' Healthy Choices series are shown below.

Title of Video Copyright
Fentanyl: A High-Risk High 2019
Avoid the Pain of Opioid Abuse 2019
Keep Your Anxiety and Stress in Check 2019
Coping with Parent Dysfunction or Health 2019
Prescription and OTC Drug Abuse 2019
Avoiding Online Predators and Scams 2020
Weeding Through the Facts on Weed 2019
Smokeless Tobacco: The Truth about Chew 2019
How Technology Messes with your Sleep 2019
Be Smart with Body Art: Tattoos and Piercings 2019
Depressed: You Are Not Alone 2019
Gun Violence in Schools 2020
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: The Rising Risks 2020
The Real Costs of Vaping 2019
What You Can Do and Say to Keep Bullies Away 2019
Dieting and Eating Disorders 2019
The Dangers of Energy Drinks 2019
Suicide Warning Signs 2019