Searching with CTRL + F

posted Dec 14, 2020, 10:45 AM by Central Library   [ updated Dec 14, 2020, 10:56 AM ]
Locating something within a large PDF can seem daunting, but did you know there is a shortcut to finding something in a PDF? 

Hitting the CTRL key +  F key at the same time invokes the "Find" feature 

You must know exactly what you are looking for because this search feature is looking for an EXACT match.  
For example, typing in the word 'hands' will return no results if the PDF only has the word 'hand' within it.

When this "Find" feature locates a match, it highlights any time the word appears and will tell you how many times it found that search item.

It is not a subject or keyword search, it only matches exact letters, but it is not case sensitive.

There is no checking of the spelling you enter, so be aware that you are spelling the item you are looking for correctly!

The big thing is to keep the search term simple, and give it a try!

CTRL +  F works in other places as well as within a PDF... for example, try it right now within the browser that you are using to read this announcement.  You will see it searches this webpage for whatever you type in to the search box.

(Note: Where the CTRL-F "find" box appears on your computer screen depends on which browser you use - for instance, a box will appear top left of your computer screen if you use Internet Explorer, bottom left if you use Firefox, top right if you use Chrome.)