Changes to our Wednesday Schedule proposed...

posted Mar 10, 2021, 5:24 AM by Central Library   [ updated Mar 10, 2021, 5:35 AM ]

Both the Union Leader and Manchester Ink Link have reported that Superintendent Goldhardt is looking to modify the re-entry plan for all Manchester schools.  For us at Central, it seems that our Wednesdays may become in-person instruction days, after the SAT testing has been completed, beginning March 31.  We will update this site, once this plan has been voted on and fully approved.

Here is an excerpt from the Manchester Ink Link full article.... 

"Under Goldhardt’s proposal, Wednesdays would now be used for in-person instruction with a school day ending 90 minutes earlier than normal, with professional learning collaboration and lesson planning occurring during that 90 minutes. The two halves of the student population would alternate each Wednesday, with the plan beginning on March 31.

Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig asked why this plan could not occur immediately, with Goldhardt saying that SAT exams will occur a week before March 31 and adjusting the schedule could disrupt that process. Craig asked if the city’s middle schools and elementary schools could implement the plan immediately and Goldhardt said that could be a possibility."

Union Leader:

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Manchester Ink Link:

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